Steve Plonk

Field Applications Scientist

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

USA Responsibilities within the company

As a Field Application Scientist, Steve supports customers across South-Eastern USA by providing expert guidance and advice.

More than just providing out-of-the-box product installation and operating instructions, the Field Application Science team take a more tailored approach by listening closely to customers to understand their specific goals and challenges. Steve works closely with them from the very first interaction they have in the purchasing process. He ensures that customers get the most out of their investments through instrument and software demonstrations, as well supporting to develop and optimize experimental protocols.

It is a multi-faceted role that involve a cohesive partnership with both engineers and sales, drawing on expert knowledge as needed to continually provide excellent service to customers.

Scientist by title, scientist by nature

Steve's work puts him at the forefront of drug discovery and genomics research. He revels in keeping up with the latest developments and seeing how SPT Labtech's capabilities can be applied to real-world applications to improve human health.

Being naturally curious and having a passion for science, Steve can relate well to customers and understand the importance of their work in the laboratory. He wants them to do well and shares their excitement about reaching their goals.

As a detail-oriented person, Steve finds satisfaction in seeing each project through from beginning to end. He loves problem solving and finding new ways to optimize customer processes. He particularly enjoys working with those that are new to the world of automation to help them discover their potential.

Background: Bringing together coding, automation and life sciences

Steve understands how automation plays a crucial role in keeping up with the ever-evolving and ever-demanding research industry.

He is a scientist with expertise in applying molecular tools to the study of cellular signal transduction and has a Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

He obtained a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management from North Carolina State University, where he first discovered his love for writing code and its increasing importance in research and development. His passion for coding led him to Opentrons Labworks, where he worked as customer-facing Applications Engineer to understand, shape and code liquid-handling laboratory processes.

Continuing to learn and explore

Steve recognizes that in the constantly evolving field of laboratory instruments and software, there is always more to learn. He is eager to explore and expand his knowledge in automation across all facets of science to further broaden his horizons.

Outside of work

When he’s not at work, Steve enjoys spending time outside and often spends his weekends cycling around exploring the city. He also likes to go for a daily run after work to unwind and recharge.