Rapid, scalable and secure storage solutions

Modular automated storage for 2D barcoded tubes driving productivity in screening.

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Compact, rapid access storage

Each tube can be accessed directly in as little as six seconds without having to first pick a rack. Each comPOUND® can hold up to 200,000 2D barcoded tubes and multiple units can be interconnected enabling cherry picking from larger collections. Samples can be picked into user-defined rack positions for efficient integration with downstream automation.


Unique pneumatic tube transport

We pioneered pneumatic transport of sample tubes almost two decades ago and have employed this approach across a range of automated systems. In storage, there are significant advantages, particularly in terms of reliability avoiding the need for picking robots in a -20°C environment.

Pneumatics enable interconnection of stores and remote delivery to peripheral devices, offering solutions that can scale and expand with users growing compound libraries and needs for enhanced automation.

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Protect your assets from freeze/thaw cycles

Do you want to minimize sample degradation as a result of repeated freeze/thaw cycles? comPOUND's sample storage system gives you the ability to select any library subset quickly to meet the needs of your screening department and reduce potential damage to library stocks by only cherry–picking the samples you need from a temperature controlled, dry, inert, hermetically sealed environment.

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Liquid handling

Providing accurate and reproducible low volumes whilst significantly decreasing the turnaround time from compound synthesis to assay ready plate, our range of liquid handling products provide precise high speed pipetting or dispensing for a plethora of applications within compound management.

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