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Small molecule management

Secure management of your most valuable assets

Compound management is at the heart of successful drug discovery. Storage of samples at the correct temperature and conditions is vital along with the ability to meet the ever increasing demands of screening. With our range of scalable solutions, we can meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Novel pneumatic transport system for ultimate reliability and flexibility

Modular storage systems with operational simplicity, interconnectivity and enhanced automation options.

easy to use

simple user interface

meet your throughput needs

rapid processing

secure storage of assets and dependable processing

proven track record and reliability

support all primary and secondary screening activities

multi-application versatility

time saving

improving workflow efficiency

scales to your needs

elegant modular design

Featured applications

We have solutions for secure, rapid access storage to help streamline workflows, enhance throughput and reduce costs.

Maximizing your compound management efficiency through lower sample volumes

Recent developments in novel low volume labware is driving efficiencies in compound management. With traditional storage tubes and liquid handling, there are often wasteful intermediate steps to prepare a final assay ready plate. Low volume storage tubes can be stored and cherry picked from comPOUND® (200,000 tubes per store), decapped and transferred to mosquito® which can prepare assay plates directly without intermediates.

High density rackless storage

comPOUND only stores sample tubes, with racks used purely for input and output of samples. Consequently, space isn’t wasted on unnecessary racks, giving unrivaled storage density. Sample storage conditions are uniform with each sample having the same freeze profiles compared to rack based storage which display significant edge effects. Also defragmentation is not required as vacated space is immediately available.

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