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High integrity, easy access storage for your precious RNA samples.


Perfectly sized for your laboratory

A storage solution big enough to store whole human and mouse RNAi libraries with access to samples in seconds, saves hours of tedious searching, without the need of a trip to the basement! arktic® provides high capacity storage of up to 140,000 samples on a footprint comparable to a standard upright -80°C freezer. It is designed to fit in a standard laboratory to provide convenient direct access to samples.

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What’s the real cost of your current storage?

The cost of automated storage is often a barrier to its adoption. However, do you know the real cost of your manual storage? An arktic typically replaces two to three manual freezers depending on the size of the storage tubes. One arktic has similar running costs to one manual freezer, so already there are savings to be made. The real saving through is in manual labor, with many hours of highly qualified technicians and researchers time being saved compared to manual picking.

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