Delivering high quality samples for generations

Ensuring biomarker integrity.

Rackless storage ensures all samples are treated the same

Our solution does not use tube racks for storage for two good reasons. Firstly, it wastes storage space unnecessarily and secondly, freezing samples in racks causes differences in temperature profiles based on rack position, with tubes at the edge cooling more rapidly than those in the center. Each sample in arktic® is stored in an aluminum storage pipe with each sample experiencing exactly the same conditions.

close up of a drawer of an arktic automated freezer

Only pick what you need

In manual storage, users typically take whole trays containing multiple racks out of the freezer and place them on dry ice for cherry picking. Cooling from the dry ice through the racks is very inefficient and all samples will see significant temperature increases (can be 20°C or more). Over time, even samples that are never picked will see multiple temperature deviations risking their integrity. arktic, only picks the samples you require, preserving the integrity of non-required “innocent” samples.

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