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Whatever your approach to DNA storage we have a solution.


Solutions from ambient to -80°C

Approaches to DNA storage vary widely, ranging from ambient for samples combined with stabilizers, through to -80°C. Our comPOUND® systems can be configured for ambient, +4°C and -20°C storage, whilst arktic® offers a robust -80°C solution. Both systems are compatible with a wide range of 2D barcoded sample tubes to suit any required storage volume from a few µL up to 1.2 mL. This common format labware is compatible with other automation such as DNA extraction systems for seamless process integration.

Workflow shows how mosquito X1 combines several DNA parts and master mix into a single well (repeated across whole plate in practice)

Seamless DNA workflows 

We have addressed the common problems associated with processes involving DNA. Novel low volume sample tubes, compatible with our storage systems, can be picked and transferred directly to the mosquito® liquid handler for low volume sample transfer. This provides the ability to significantly scale down reaction volumes and drive down costs, with high accuracy and reproducibility, to enable genuine savings without compromising quality.

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