Storage solutions for biological fluids

Secure, easy access storage for 2D barcoded tubes from ambient to -80°C.


What would you like to store?

Biological samples have many different requirements for long term storage. arktic® and comPOUND® systems are compatible with a range of 2D barcoded tubes from a variety of vendors for storing a few tens of µL to 1.2 mL. The systems support tube types in the 96 SBS format that are compatible with a wide range of automated systems, such as capper/decappers, scanners and liquid handling systems.

cube rack scanner

Keep track of your samples

It is critical to accurately track and export data to a LIMS system for full sample traceability. This includes verifying the presence of samples expected in a rack after picking. A full rack of 96, 2D barcoded tubes can be easily scanned in one to two seconds by the cube rack scanner.

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