Samples freezer

Biostorage and biobanking

A biobank is only as good as its samples!

The preservation of high quality samples for tens of years is fundamental to a successful biobank. Biobanks need to offer researchers high quality samples through optimal processing, preservation and storage in the correct conditions for the sample type and maintain these conditions for the lifetime of the sample.

Is it time to automate?

Delivering best practice in biobanking.

simple and secure

vending machine style access to samples

save hours of manual searching

vial retrieval in seconds

assured sample integrity

extensive monitoring and fail safe back-up systems

choose most suitable labware for application

compatible with a wide range of tube types

free-up valuable lab space

contents of three manual freezers in one automated store

assured reliability

novel pneumatic transport of sample tubes

Multiple aliquots for best practice storage

Storage of large sample volumes may be convenient but the problem comes when sample aliquots are requested. Many sample types are susceptible to multiple freeze thaw cycles, so the approach of preparing multiple aliquots per sample can be a good approach, with each aliquot discarded after use. arktic’s® storage capacity is higher with smaller tubes aiding this practice.

Mixing automated storage with manual freezers

For large collections automation of storage can be expensive. Using the arktic to help organize samples for long term manual storage whilst maintaining a stock of working samples in the system can be a cost effective and extremely efficient approach. Customers have successfully adopted this strategy to manage millions of samples with conservative budgets.

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