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Our quality engineering is backed by expert service, support and advice to ensure that customers receive reliable and effective solutions

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UK office +44 (0)1223 627500
US office +1 855 601 5867

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Complete peace of mind

Our support engineers provide levels of service and support to suit customer needs, in-house capabilities and expertise. We maintain a global partner network across Japan, China, Russia, Korea and Australasia providing a complete product support service for customers working outside European and US office hours.

Contact Us:
UK office +44 (0)1223 627500
US office +1 855 601 5867

In-house support includes:

  • telephone & email support
  • remote application support
  • secure dial-up access to instrumentation to assist with fault diagnosis
  • site visits
  • preventative maintenance
  • training
  • full technical assistance
What our customers say

What our customers say

The reason why I keep going back to to Labtech is mainly because of their customer service. They have procedures in place but their technicians are more than happy to go out of their way to help and it is the main thing I like about the company.

Warp Drive Bio, Inc.

Chatura Jayakody, Manager, Data Systems and Compound Management

"Very intuitive equipment..."

What our customers say

The customer service has always been, absolutely stellar for us… It’s the customer relationship and the service that Labtech provides that really stands out on the market for us

Intellia Therapeutics

Senior Manager, Automation Group, Screening & NGS Platform Development

customer: Olga Seltser Intellia Therapeutics

A personal relationship

Our service and support commitment to build a closer and more personal relationship with our clients sets us apart. We are eager to learn more about your needs and how we can best support your research and production. It is not unusual for our engineers and application scientists to make courtesy calls to ensure our customers have everything they need and can plan for the future. Our support staff base everything on building this partnership.

A global service

Many of our customers are based 7,000 miles away from our headquarters. Our ability to support them remotely is a great accomplishment that we are proud of and work hard to maintain.

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