Q&A with SPT Labtech Japan Director, Masahiro Masushita

Masahiro discusses what he loves about the Biotech industry and why he's excited about the launch of SPT Labtech Japan.

What are you most looking forward to? 

Well, this is my first career change and the start of a new stage for me, so I am eager to begin developing and structuring the business now from manufacturer’s point of view.  really want to build and increase awareness of the SPT Labtech products in our growing Japanese life science market. I am excited to gain visibility of SPT Labtech as an international manufacturer and also to keep working with those connections I already have now I am in this new position. 

What about this industry do you love and why? 

Research and development are for ever ongoing, especially in the life sciences market.  It is a field of study that never stops.  So, with the rise of COVID-19 for example, the need for automation in research has been highlighted here in Japan and across the world, as it can ensure accuracy and efficiency.  It makes me glad to be a part of this small community of researchers, at a time like this, where automation can play such an important role to help support possible solutions.

What opportunities do you see in leading SPT Labtech Japan forward over the next few years? 

In the field of CryoEM, for example, I believe there will be even more opportunities to connect with the leaders in the scientific communities.  I have already worked with so many of them previously when I worked with Mosquito.  Additionally, the NGS market is rapidly expanding in Japan, offering more connections too.  Also, with the current trend to analyse more samples at a lower cost here in Japan, SPT Labtech is in a unique position in the market to meet that need as it grows. 

What one thing do you think customers will see as the biggest positive change?

With the knowledge we already have in the country, I think the presence of SPT Labtech in the Japanese market will instil trust and peace of mind in our customers. That will bring us closer and allow us to respond quicker to the customer’s needs which is our ultimate goal.

To learn more about the launch of SPT Labtech Japan take a look our press release.