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Resources (448)

Antibody discovery

Homogeneous binding assay for hybridoma screening: Comparison of laser scanning systems

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Titus et al., High-Throughput Multiplexed Quantitation of Protein Aggregation and Cytotoxicity in a Huntington’s Disease Model. Current Chemical Genomics, 2012, 6, 79-86

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Sato et al., A Potent Anti-HB-EGF Monoclonal Antibody Inhibits cancer Cell Proliferation and Multiple Angiogenic Activities of HB-EGF. PLoS December 2012 ;7(12):e51964.

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Liu et al., Surviving cells after treatment with gemcitabine or 5-fluorouracil for the study of de novo resistance of pancreatic cancer– Cancer Letters, 2012 Jan 1;314(1):119-25

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Lee et al., High-throughput screening for genes that prevent excess DNA replication in human cells and for molecules that inhibit them. Methods, Eprint 5th April 2012

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Heald et al., Discovery of Novel Allosteric Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase (MEK) 1,2 Inhibitors Possessing Bidentate Ser212 Interactions. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55, 4594−4604

Cell-based assay screening

Gerlinger et al., Genome‐wide RNA interference analysis of renal carcinoma survival regulators identifies MCT4 as a Warburg effect metabolic target. J. Pathol 2012 Feb 24

Compound management

Gaisford, W. (2012) The future of sample management: Part 1. Pharma July/August p43

mosquito HV genomics

Gaisford, W. (2012) Robotic liquid handling and automation in epigenetics. JALA

Sitting drop crystallization

Brelidze, T. I. et al (2012) Structure of the carboxy-terminal region of a KCNH channel. Nature 481: 530–533

Hanging drop crystallization

Koide, A., J. Wojcik, et al. (2012). Teaching an Old Scaffold New Tricks: Monobodies Constructed Using Alternative Surfaces of the FN3 Scaffold. J Mol Biol 415(2): 393-405.

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

Gaisford, W. Evolving methods in cytology: its the era of laser scanning, imaging-based technology. MLO, Dec 2011

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