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comPOUND meets acoustiX tube – how proven technology adapts to new tunes!

mosquito HV genomics

A set of miniaturized high-throughput library protocols for RNA sequencing

Lab of the future – Are tomorrows dreams already today’s reality?

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar: NGS workflow miniaturisation with low volume liquid handlers

dragonfly discovery

Collaborating to simplify sophisticated experimentation: The Antha and dragonfly discovery partnership

dragonfly discovery

Antha and dragonfly discovery Rapid, automated execution of a high-dimensional space-filling DoE for assay development

DNA storage, Plasma & serum storage, Biological fluids storage, Bioparts & bioblock storage, Glycerol stock storage

biobanking reimagined – arktic XC modular storage network

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: combination of scRNA-seq strategies to untangle complex cell populations

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: tabula muris, a single cell atlas of the adult mouse

Lipidic Cubic Phase (in-meso)

Apel, A., et al. (2019). Crystal structure of CC chemokine receptor 2A in complex with an orthosteric antagonist provides insights for the design of selective antagonists. Structure

Hanging drop crystallization, Sitting drop crystallization

Ejby, M., et al. (2019). Two binding proteins of the ABC transporter that confers growth of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis ATCC27673 on β‐mannan possess distinct manno‐oligosaccharide‐binding profiles. Molecular Microbiology

Sitting drop crystallization

Chandra, M., et al. (2019). Classification of the human phox homology (PX) domains based on their phosphoinositide binding specificities. Nature communications

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