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mosquito HV genomics

Webinar - Pushing the Limits of Sensitivity for Single Cell Applications

dragonfly discovery

Tutorial - Next generation drug discovery workflows enabled by technology innovation

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar - Automation & Miniaturization of Clinical SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Testing For Population Surveillance

mosquito LV

Webinar: Putting the dynamics into compound profiling: using kinetic assays to shape drug discovery


Webinar: Automated sample storage – Is it worth it?


chameleon: Delivering automated sample prep for next generation cryo-EM

Screening, Automated assay development

Webinar: Quantity and Quality - How automated workflows positively impact assay development and screening

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar: NGS workflow miniaturization with low volume liquid handlers

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: combination of scRNA-seq strategies to untangle complex cell populations

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: tabula muris, a single cell atlas of the adult mouse

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar: miniaturized amplicon library preparation for high-throughput microbiome characterization

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar: automated low-volume liquid handling for cost-effective NGS library preparation and single cell genomics

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