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Automated assay development

a comparison of dispense performance of manual pipetting versus automated pipetting for assay development

Screening, Low volume liquid handling

low-volume workflows improve the quality of drug discovery: two case studies

Automated assay development

flexible liquid handling enables effective assay development for no-wash bead-based and cell-based immunoassays


MALDI PharmaPulseTM: a breakthrough in high-throughput screening

simultaneous determination of antibody binding, specificity and titre on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer.

Cell multiplexing in homogeneous antibody binding assays

Screening, Compound management

Bitten by a Mosquito: Building Flexibility within Compound Management

Screening, Low volume liquid handling

Low volume automated liquid handling for studying autophagy and cellular transduction in cancer cells

Screening, Low volume liquid handling

Enriched datasets from in-house compound libraries using direct dilution methods in 1536-well plates

Multiplexed cell- and bead-based assays in a no-wash format for biologics screening and characterization

Development of a homogenous RSV neutralization assay on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer: a simple, safe and robust approach for high-throughput screening

Screening, Low volume liquid handling


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