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Homogeneous binding assay for hybridoma screening: Comparison of laser scanning systems

Compound management

Gaisford, W. (2012) The future of sample management: Part 1. Pharma July/August p43

Fursov et al., Development and Utilization of Activated STAT3 Detection Assays for Screening a Library of Secreted Proteins. ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies August 2011

Automated on-line analysis

Gaisford, W; Case study: Increasing access for medicinal chemists with lab2lab; DDN Vol. 7 No. 6 Jun 2011

Compound management

Gaisford, W. (2011) TTP Labtech celebrates its 10th year of comPOUND; Biomolecular Screening, April


Gaisford, W. (2011) Safe, secure sample management during workflow automation; Lab Manager September

Screening, Low volume liquid handling

Bulfer, S. L. et al. (2011) Application of a high-throughput fluorescent acetyltransferase assay to identify inhibitors of homocitrate synthase. Anal Biochem

mosquito LV

Glaiser, V. (2011) Dispensing with manual pipetting. GEN. 31 (12)

Compound management

Fayez, H et al. (2007) Compound storage evolution: unlocking the right combination; DDW – Winter

Compound management, Screening, Low volume liquid handling

Mosser, S: (2006) Achieving low volume liquid handling, GEN. 26 (5)

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