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dragonfly discovery

Tutorial - Next generation drug discovery workflows enabled by technology innovation

dragonfly discovery

dragonfly discovery - Auto Feed Reservoirs

mosquito LV

Webinar: Putting the dynamics into compound profiling: using kinetic assays to shape drug discovery

dragonfly discovery

Robust and reliable reagent dispensing

dragonfly discovery

dragonfly® discovery in the fight against COVID-19

dragonfly discovery

Verifying the performance of miniaturized quantitative PCR (qPCR) reactions set-up with mosquito® HV and LV genomics and dragonfly® discovery

Automated assay development, Screening

Webinar: Quantity and Quality - How automated workflows positively impact assay development and screening

dragonfly discovery

dragonfly discovery dispensing in Drug Discovery - SLAS 2020 - exhibitor workshop

dragonfly discovery

Disrupting the liquid dispensing landscape: dragonfly® discovery

dragonfly discovery

Expert Q&A: The new models of dragonfly discovery


Reagent dispensing redefined with dragonfly discovery and Green Button Go Automation

mosquito HV genomics

A set of miniaturized high-throughput library protocols for RNA sequencing

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