mosquito® X1

Accurate nL - µL single channel pipetting

mosquito X1 offers precision low volume sampling of any individual well in any plate, using our unique positive displacement pipetting technology. Its hit picking capability makes mosquito X1 perfectly suited for HTS hit confirmation and secondary profiling, as well as high throughput sample normalization and synthetic biology (DNA assembly).

Incredible power at the heart of your liquid handling processes

off the shelf automation for a range of applications

open file format for simple integration

eliminate cross-contamination

disposable pipettes for ensuring assay integrity

maximizing reagent use and preserving precious sample

ultra low dead volumes as low as 0.2 µL

Frontal view of a mosquito X1 liquid handling robot

high speed hit picking directly into assay plates

averages only 6 seconds for aspirate, plate deck move, dispense and tip change

improved workflow efficiency and throughput

accurate low volume single channel pipetting

accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class

true positive-displacement pipetting

Single channel pipetting power for multiple applications

With its precision sampling, mosquito X1 enables researchers to quickly select any amount of sample, from any well on the deck and dispense it to another location. Samples can be multi-dispensed into multiple wells or plates, pooled into a single well and even mixed. The fine resolution of the system (1 nL) allows exact volumes to be accurately transferred for normalization processes. mosquito X1 is uniquely suited for assembling DNA constructs from multiple DNA parts for high-throughput cloning applications.

Automation without the fuss

Extended walk away time is provided by the ‘off the shelf’ integration of the Cherry Picker II system. This stand-alone hit-picking workstation automates the process of loading and removing source plates from the mosquito X1, as well as scanning plate bar codes in order to identify wells to be addressed, and volumes to be transferred as defined by a simple .csv worklist.

closeup of tips in plates on a mosquito HTS

Bring the benefits of positive displacement pipetting into your lab

mosquito’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology enables you to perform ‘traditional’ liquid handling tasks at a fraction of the volume, higher speeds and with lower dead volumes. mosquito’s disposable positive displacement pipette tips can directly aspirate sample, dispense or multi-dispense and even mix all in nL to µL volumes.
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We're revolutionizing liquid handling

Our liquid handling portfolio provides you with accurate and repeatable nanolitre to microlitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

Built for performance

Our liquid handling instruments use innovative technologies within products to provide real world benefits to researchers.

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that overcome difficult technical challenges so that you can focus on solving the scientific ones.

Pipetting technology

Each of our disposable micropipettes has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, offering true positive-displacement pipetting with no risk of cross-contamination.

mosquito X1 tips

mosquito volumetric performance, measured with Artel MVS
Low Volume: 25 nL to 1.2 μL

(% CV)
50 nL -1.3% 7.5%
100 nL -3.7% 4.0%
600 nL 5.1% 0.9%
1,200 nL 4.4% 0.9%

Low-volume accuracy and precision

  • outstanding accuracy: with an average of less than 3% error throughout the volume range
  • unrivaled precision: CVs of 3% (average across the volume range)

mosquito volumetric performance, measured with Artel MVS
High Volume: 500 nL – 5 μL

precision (%CV)
0.5 µL 1.9% 3.2%
1 μL 0.8% 1.4%
2 µL -1.5% 0.6%
4 µL -1.3% 0.6%

Intuitive by design

Our software is as focused on usability as it is on functionality. We strive for an intuitive user experience that matches the requirements of each scientific application. Through collaboration with scientists, our software team develop and enhance the instrument UI to provide the optimal user experience and facilitate adoption into novel application areas.

mosquito software

Versatile workflow integration

mosquito liquid handlers have been integrated with a wide variety of other laboratory instrumentation, including robotic plate handlers, stackers and bulk liquid handlers, to achieve walk-away operation.

The Cherry Picker II is an off-the-shelf compact bench top workcell centered around mosquito X1 offering:

  • extended walk-away time
  • reliable plate handling
  • bar code reading
  • high-density plate storage
  • high-speed automated hit picking
  • accurate low-volume pipetting
  • rapid disposable tip exchange
  • direct piercing of sealed source plates

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mosquito X1 cherry picker 2

Featured applications

mosquito X1 enables miniaturized workflows in drug discovery and genomics which require accurate pipetting from any well to any well. mosquito X1 can aspirate samples directly from any SBS plate type or even tube racks, avoiding the workflow inefficiencies and cost associated with intermediate source plates.

Technical specifications

Pipetting range
25 nL - 1.2 μL or 500 nL - 5 μL
average of 6 seconds cycle time (aspirate, move, dispense, change tip)
Supported SBS plate formats (source and/or destination)
96, 384 and 1,536 (plus other supported microplates)
Active humidity chamber, spool cover, cherry picker II integration
27 kg (59 lbs)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
390 mm (790 mm 5 plate deck) x 470 mm x 690 mm
15.5 in (17.3 in) x 18.5 in x 27 in
Technical variants
2 or 5 plate position deck
What our customers say

What our customers say

Its changed our whole workflow and reduced repetitive motion injuries. We have found this very helpful for both DNA and RNA normalization to fit right into our workflow. It reduces the amount of time it takes as well as reduces hands on time. We use it so much that we bought another hit picker and an 8-channel model.

Jessica Lund

Genentec Inc.

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