mosquito® crystal

The crystallographers' favorite liquid handler

Bringing together speed, accuracy, and high precision pipetting of nanolitre volumes with zero cross-contamination from a disposable tip.

Incredible power at the heart of your liquid handling processes

reduced set-up time and training requirements

walk-up and use technology which even novice users can master quickly

robust day-to-day performance even in heavy use

proven reliability with no blocking or clogging

protein samples go further and screen consumption is vastly reduced

access volumes as low as 10 nL on multi-aspirate

mosquito crystal

faster screening of crystallization space for less sample

rapid and accurate drop set-up across a wide viscosity range

flexibility to easily switch methods to suit individual projects

able to set-up all traditional (non-LCP) protein crystallization experiments

accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class

true positive displacement pipetting

Get the most from your precious protein samples

With mosquito crystal, you can use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross-contamination. This results in cost savings and allows more extensive screening. You can automate all the popular protein crystallization screening techniques (hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation) without the need to make set-up changes to the instrument.

Perfect drop formation for optimal protein crystallization

mosquito’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology can perform multiple aspirations before a single dispense, which is essential for automating seeding and direct addition of additive screens to the drops. You can even dispense a combination of solutions simultaneously, with additional mixing if required, ensuring perfect drop formation for optimal protein crystallization.

mosquito spool close up

Bring the benefits of positive displacement pipetting into your lab

mosquito’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology enables you to perform ‘traditional’ liquid handling tasks at a fraction of the volume, higher speeds and with lower dead volumes. mosquito’s disposable positive displacement pipette tips can directly aspirate sample, dispense or multi-dispense and even mix all in nL to µL volumes.
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We're revolutionizing liquid handling

Our liquid handling portfolio provides you with accurate and repeatable nanolitre to microlitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

Built for pure performance

Our liquid handling instruments use innovative technologies within products to provide real world benefits to researchers.

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that overcome difficult technical challenges so that you can focus on solving the scientific ones.

Pipetting technology

Each of our disposable micropipettes has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, offering true positive displacement pipetting with no risk of cross-contamination.

Humidity control at your fingertips with up to a 90% reduction in drop evaporation

Sample evaporation can be a problem when dispensing very low volumes or volatile samples, causing inconsistent drop volumes, especially when environmental conditions and local humidity vary. mosquito’s active humidity chamber reduces experimental inconsistencies by allowing users to control the relative humidity (RH) of each experiment.

jpg of humidity chamber

Intuitive by design

Our software is as focused on usability as it is on functionality. We strive for an intuitive user experience that matches the requirements of each scientific application. Through collaboration with scientists, our software team develop and enhance the instrument UI to provide the optimal user experience and facilitate adoption into novel application areas.

mosquito software

Enhance your protein crystallization research

We also offer additional components to enhance your protein crystallization screening, such as a humidity chamber and spool cover.

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jpg of the spool cover

Featured applications

mosquito liquid handlers have been integrated with a wide variety of other laboratory instrumentation, including robotic plate handlers, stackers and bulk liquid handlers to achieve walk-away operation in many application areas.

Sitting drop

For sitting drop, mosquito crystal's precise pipetting ensures accurate drop-on-drop placement in the center of sub-wells for perfect automated imaging, whilst avoiding drops wicking up the well walls.

sitting drop
sitting drop

Hanging drop

mosquito crystal makes automating hanging set-ups easy, as it can mirror the screen drops onto the plate seal which is then inverted and sealed over the wells.


Seeding or micro matrix seeding (MMS) is a well-established method used to improve the quality and reproducibility of protein crystals. mosquito's plate set-up time is less than 3 minutes to create multiple aspirations before pipetting to ensure that no protein or seed stock is wasted.
crystal after seeding with cat whisker
crystal after seeding with cat whisker

Microbatch screen set-up

mosquito crystal ensures that screen and protein drops always combine because both protein and screen solutions can be aspirated consecutively within the same tip and then to be pipetted directly through oil.

Screen optimization

mosquito crystal enables easy addition of extremely low volumes of seed stock and screen solution to the protein drop to enable rapid elucidation of ideal scale-up conditions.
Microscopic image
Microscopic image

Bicelle set-up

mosquito can automate the bicelle method of membrane protein crystallization. By maintaining a cold environment and pre-chilling the sample holder block it is possible to use mosquito crystal to accurately and easily pipette the bicelle solution, thereby facilitating the automation of screening for this lipidic based technique of membrane protein crystallization.

Additive screening

mosquito's unique true positive displacement pipettes combined with its multi-aspirate function allows users to access volumes down to 10 nL. Not only does this save on precious ligands/compounds, the contact dispensing ensures precise placement within the crystallization drops.
Protein ligand structure
Protein ligand structure

Crystal soaking

Soaking protein crystals with ligands is the fastest route to produce high-throughput structures for fragment based drug discovery. mosquito can be used to prepare small soaking drops of DMSO based fragment libraries directly from stock plates.

Encapsulated Nanodroplet Crystallization (ENaCt)

Developed by the University of Newcastle, ENaCt represents a novel high-throughput method for single crystal x-ray diffraction that utilizes mosquito crystal to screen organically soluble small molecules on a microgram scale.
Small molecule image
Small molecule image

Technical specifications

Pipetting range
25 nL - 1.2 µL
2 minutes/ 96-well plate
Primary SBS plate format
48, 96 and 384
Active humidity chamber and spool cover
27 kg (59 lbs)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
390 mm (790 mm 5 plate deck) x 470 mm x 690 mm
15.5 in (31 in) x 18.5 in x 27 in
Technical variants
2 or 5 plate position deck
What our customers say

What our customers say

The mosquito is a wonderful addition to our University. It can do in less than 5 minutes what takes me to do in more than 8 hours. The nanolitre liquid handling capabilities produces drop size and placement speed that are not humanly possible.

James Caldwell

San Diego State University

Lab image

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