dragonfly® crystal

Screen optimization with dragonfly

dragonfly crystal screen optimizer enables complex crystallization gradients or optimization screens to be rapidly and accurately prepared, even with viscous liquids, while eliminating cross-contamination.

Protein crystal optimization made easy

design remotely and be ready to go in minutes

intuitive screen design and dispense software

robust in use from novices to multi user facilities

simple set-up with no blocking or clogging

reduce stock consumption and maintain integrity

low dead volume, no washing

frontal view of a dragonfly liquid handling robot

save time optimizing complex crystal hits

fast even at high viscosity

optimum repeatability of plates

recall, refine and repeat screens easily

accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class

true positive displacement pipetting

Any liquid type with no cross-contamination

dragonfly provides the freedom to use any liquid type, regardless of viscosity, without the need for liquid classification. Each disposable pipette works independently to dispense any volume into any well, with no cross-contamination, eliminating the need for tip washing. Screen preparation is quick, and a four-ingredient 96-well gradient plate can be dispensed in less than five minutes.

The perfect pair for protein crystallization

dragonfly is the ideal system to complement mosquito® in the protein crystallization workflow. Once the initial crystal ‘hits’ are identified, dragonfly optimizes the set of conditions to grow better diffracting crystals. Just like mosquito, dragonfly is simple to set up and operate. Only minimal training is needed, so new users can be proficient in less than ten minutes.

dragonfly: revolutionary non-contact dispensing from positive displacement disposable tips

Bring the benefits of positive displacement pipetting into your lab

dragonfly crystal’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology enables you to perform ‘traditional’ liquid handling tasks at a fraction of the volume, higher speeds and with lower dead volumes. dragonfly crystal’s disposable positive displacement pipette tips can directly aspirate sample, dispense or multi-dispense and even mix all in nL to mL volumes.
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Featured applications

dragonfly crystal enables protein crystallographers to rapidly and repeatedly optimize initial crystallization screen hits. Combine a wide range of stocks, of any viscosity into complex gradients which yield improved quality crystals.

We're revolutionizing liquid handling

Our liquid handling portfolio provides you with accurate and repeatable nanolitre to microlitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

Built for pure performance

Our liquid handling instruments use innovative technologies within products to provide benefits to researchers.

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that overcome difficult technical challenges so that you can focus on solving the scientific ones.

Pipetting technology

Each disposable pipette has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, offering true positive-displacement pipetting with no risk of cross-contamination.

  • reliable low volume dispensing 
  • no liquid classification or compatibility issues
  • inherently reliable technology
  • no clogging or blocking of nozzles
  • zero cross-contamination
  • enabling efficient assay set up and screening
  • eliminates experimental set-up variation variation

dragonfly crystal tip schematic

Built for pure performance

Non-contact dispensing from a disposable, positive displacement tip. 

In each of the channels (up to 10), there is a tight fitting piston that travels within a pipette barrel. When coupled to the instruments piston rod, the positive displacement syringe is formed. The distance and rates of acceleration and deceleration of the piston control how and when liquid is ejected from the tip.

dragonfly crystal tip

Intuitive by design

Our software is as focused on usability as it is on functionality. We strive for an intuitive user experience that matches the requirements of each scientific application. Through collaboration with scientists, our software team develop and enhance the instrument UI to provide the optimal user experience and facilitate adoption into novel application areas.

dragonfly crystal’s software allows the rapid design and dispensing of highly complex experiments through an intuitive UI that enables you to recall, refine and repeat screens easily. Minimize set-up time and improve the throughput of your dragonfly crystal by designing and simulating complex protein crystallization optimization screens conveniently at your desktop using offline software.

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dragonfly crystal software

Enhance your protein crystallization research

Enhance your protein crystallization screening with MX one - mix any liquid in small wells with no risk of spillage.

The centrifugal forces generated in conventional plate shakers mean that the mixing speed must be limited to avoid liquid spilling from wells. The MX one keeps the plate stationary, allowing for extremely fast mixing of even the most viscous solutions using high-speed oscillation of a disposable pin array.

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MX one

Technical specifications

Pipetting range
0.5 μL - 4 mL
4-6 ingredients in 96-well plate in 4-8 minutes, irrespective of viscosity
Primary SBS plate format
15, 24, 48, 96 and 384
MX one in-well mixer, 24 well plate adaptor
38 kg/ 83.7 lbs (5-head version)
50 kg/ 110 lbs (10-head version)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
575 mm x 600 mm x 645 mm
22.6 in x 23.6 in x 25.3 in
Technical variants
5 or 10 head versions available
What our customers say

What our customers say

The dragonfly has rapidly become an ESSENTIAL tool that significantly streamlines structure determination! Screens that used to take hours to prepare can now be made in under 10 minutes using the user-friendly software and intuitive design of the instrument. Amazingly, the 10-heads are more than sufficient to create screens ranging in complexity from simple x,y gradients to multi-zone optimization. With virtually no dead volume and the fact that you are aliquoting directly into the crystallization tray, the dragonfly can conserve on those expensive chemicals and rapidly produces a crystallization tray ready for the crystallization robot. The dragonfly makes optimization of lead conditions a breeze and alleviates the crystallization bottleneck, allowing you to focus more on the science of the target than on the pursuit of crystals.

Nicholas Noinaj

Purdue University, USA

Lab image

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