Unlock cost-savings in NGS library preparation: mosquito® HV genomics now available to lease


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mosquito-product-HV-Gen---hero-bannerWe’re excited to announce the introduction of our leasing initiative for our mosquito HV genomics liquid handling instrument, as part of our commitment to making cutting-edge technology more accessible to laboratories, fostering advancements in research and delivering significant cost savings to our customers. 

mosquito has transformed the way researchers perform genomics workflows, allowing them to drastically reduce reagent consumption and scale down reaction volumes without compromising data quality. Our proven technology has successfully miniaturized over 40 NGS kits, including industry standards such as Illumina Nextera XT, Illumina DNA Prep and NEBNext Ultra II. 

However, as many laboratories are under pressure in the current climate to deliver more results often with less resources, this new initiative allows teams to access the substantial cost-saving benefits of miniaturization without the upfront capital investment typically associated with automation instruments. Furthermore, the initiative offers greater flexibility for laboratories with specific project goals and timelines that do not have sufficient visibility on longer-term projects to justify an instrument purchase.  

By leasing mosquito HV genomics with quarterly payments, researchers can achieve significant savings on their annual reagent costs, with savings of up to and even greater than 60% possible (net of the lease payments). Additionally, by using less sample for each experiment, researchers can extend the use of precious samples, generating more data and increasing lab throughput.  

Users can access these benefits quickly thanks to mosquito’s true positive displacement technology and ongoing application support from the SPT Labtech team, which allows fast implementation of NGS methods so that routine processing of samples can be achieved in a couple of months.  

At SPT Labtech, we’re dedicated to supporting scientific outcomes and innovation by removing barriers to automated technology adoption. With our mosquito HV lease initiative, we're excited to provide researchers with the opportunity to access this transformative instrument, facilitating cost-effective genomics research and accelerating discoveries. We want to put laboratories in the best possible position by offering them quicker and easier access to innovative, cost-saving methods.” 

Graeme Smethurst, Head of Corporate Development 

Learn more about the mosquito leasing scheme and register your interest.

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Why choose mosquito HV genomics?
  • •   Ensure highly accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 μL for all liquid types
  • •   Eliminate cross-contamination and maintain data integrity using pre-sterilized disposable pipettes
  • •   Maximize speed and efficiency with rapid plate-to-plate pipetting and tip exchange
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