TTP Labtech launches arktic™ – the affordable automated biobank for every lab


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New compact, modular -80°C biobanking solution to launch at SLAS

TTP Labtech’s new arktic -80°C automated store provides exceptional high capacity storage per cubic meter, and a safe secure solution to biological sample storage. With the capacity to hold up to 95,000 0.5mL tubes, the modular unit can still fit neatly into a small footprint, making it ideal for space-restricted laboratories with biobanking needs. TTP Labtech, the provider of quality, robust, automated laboratory equipment solutions revealed the new arktic during the inaugural SLAS conference in San Diego, 4-8 Feb. 2012.

Dedicated to developing systems to meet customer requirements, TTP Labtech launches arktic to meet the growing demand for the flexible storage and management of biological samples, which is low cost, safe, and secure. By incorporating the proven features of TTP Labtech’s comPOUND® storage system, arktic offers automated sample retrieval and secure sample tracking with easy connection to database and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). arktic provides storage under nitrogen or dry air in a hermetically sealed environment, as well as the ability to cherry pick individual microtubes for delivery within 60 seconds, so ensuring the integrity of valuable biological samples is maintained. The pre-sorting of tubes within the -80°C environment allows complete sets, as well as individual tubes, to be delivered rapidly. In addition, its modular units allow easy expansion and relocation as your biobank grows.

Simon Tullett, product manager at TTP Labtech said, “arktic gives you extremely high density automated -80°C storage in a compact footprint at a very low price. We thought the success of comPOUND®, with its proprietary pneumatic transport technology, could be transferred to meet the needs of -80°C sample storage and we are delighted to have found an innovative solution so successfully and rapidly.”

Dr Jas Sanghera, commercial director of TTP Labtech commented that, “arktic is yet another example of how the company listens to the needs of the industry, coming up with a simple, cost effective solution. The introduction and launch of arktic maintains our reputation as an innovative, collaborative and client-focused company.”

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