Compounds Australia logo design inspired by TTP Labtech product


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Compounds Australia, Australia’s only dedicated compound management facility has recently changed its name in line with its growing national and international customer base. Its new logo consists of concentric rings of dots which illustrates a unique and specialized automated compound store (comPOUND®) manufactured by the innovative UK company, TTP Labtech. The concentric rings of dots symbolize one carousel of 3,800 microtube holders (either 1 x 1.4 mL or 2 x 0.5 mL tubes). The diminishing size of the dots towards the center represents the range of liquid volumes that can be dispensed from, 1 milliliter down to 2.5 nanolitres at Compounds Australia. This design was created by Liveworm, a student-powered graphic design studio within Queensland College of Art.

“We are really thrilled that Compounds Australia has used our innovative technology as a permanent symbol of their compound management repository. We have a close ongoing relationship with Compounds Australia and have always enjoyed working with a team of such enthusiastic and dedicated people,” commented James Craven, Head of Sample Management, TTP Labtech.

Compounds Australia has the largest installation of comPOUND repositories in Australia. They have the ability to store up to 600,000 samples at temperatures as low as -20°C in a dark, dry nitrogen enviornment thereby ensuring sample integrity for many years.

“These particular units were chosen for their compact size, large storage capacity, reliability and sample management capabilities”, stated Moana Simpson, Manager of Compounds Australia, “but we also chose TTP Labtech because of its professionalism and customer service. We’ve installed five comPOUND units and moved them around on site. For all the comPOUND installations the TTP Labtech engineer had each unit uncrated, built and running seamlessly within a day.Before the introduction of Australian distributors, TTP Labtech provided an excellent support service for us even though they are located several thousand miles away. All these factors were crucial to Compounds Australia’s decision to select TTP Labtech and comPOUND in order to supply high quality samples efficiently and at low cost to our customer network.”

Each comPOUND module can store samples (protein/peptide compounds or biological samples) at different temperatures (ranging from -20°C to ambient) depending on the requirements of the sample. A unit contains26 x 1 meter-wide disks enabling up to 200,000 samples to be stored in a very small footprint (approximately 1.2 x 1.65 m). At the heart of the storage unit is pneumatic technology, using compressed air or nitrogen and a system of flexible tubing to rapidly transport microtubes (identifying and delivering a sample in only 6 seconds). This makes the comPOUND extremely reliable and robust compared to traditional systems that use robots in the chilled zone.

  1. Compounds Australia (formerly Queensland Compound Library) was founded in 2008 at the Eskitis Institute, Griffith University providing compound management services to Queensland. During this time it has expanded to serve scientific research across the whole of Australia and therefore its name has been changed to reflect this.

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TTP Labtech’s comPOUND storage units

comPOUND’s carousel of 3,800 tube holders (26 carousels are contained in one comPOUND unit)