Steve Finckbeiner

Field Applications Scientist (FAS) Midwest/South, USA


  • Clinical laboratory automation
  • Assay validation
  • Assay development

Individual responsibilities

As a new member of the Field Applications Scientists team at SPT Labtech, I’m currently undergoing my training. My daily tasks involve learning the ins and outs of SPT Labtech’s instruments and software, assisting with product demos and traveling with other FASs to customer sites where we learn what the customer’s needs are and how they use SPT products in the field. I am also involved in calls with potential customers to offer feedback on application-specific science where appropriate.

I am primarily responsible for our mosquito instrument. At this moment in time, I am working with a customer to convert a manual NGS library kit procedure to an automated and miniaturized mosquito procedure.


Scientific knowledge is an absolute must in my job role. However, good communication skills and the ability to listen and give scientific feedback are also core competencies that are fundamental to providing a good customer experience.


I am part of a team of Field Applications Scientists (FAS).

Departmental responsibilities

FASs play an essential role in ensuring customers get the most out of their instruments and protocols. We provide scientific advice and assist laboratory teams in the installation of instruments and design of scientific applications.

As a team, we are involved in the very early interactions of the purchasing process, through to product demonstration, installation and ongoing usage and optimization of SPT instruments.

Best parts of the job

I enjoy visiting customer sites and engaging in scientific discussions that SPT Labtech systems enable. I also enjoy the variety the job role brings and collaborating with exceptional scientists daily.

Professional Achievements

I’m most proud of the personal and career successes of my students. I have been in science teaching roles at various stages of my career and have taught some truly remarkable kids.

Professional Ambitions

I would like to continue to help scientists overcome challenges in their research work and drive efficiency in their labs.

Why Science

My family owned a feed store when I was a child. Our home was full of animals and people who lived for animals. My interest in science was sparked by trying to understand how the animals and people worked together. In a way, I’ve been doing the same thing since I was 6 years old: helping people with complicated biology problems. Believe it or not, there are similarities between farmers with wormy cows and scientists with a tape jammed mosquito!

Outside of work

Outside of work, I am an avid SCUBA diver. I am in the process of setting up a trip to the Florida Keys to see the Goliath groupers in Pennekamp State Park. I am also a small scale farmer. I have chickens, sheep, and dairy goats which keep me busy!