Anita Pearson

Field Application Scientist


In this article, we sat down with Anita Pearson, who works onsite as an Applications Development Scientist supporting customers using SPT Labtech’s liquid handling instruments.  A highly experienced scientist with a track record of helping customers solve complex challenges, Anita joined the team in October 2020. She shares with us how her vital role helps customers optimize their processes and advance their research goals.



I joined the team recently as an applications development scientist working in-house at our Melbourn site. My role complements the essential role fulfilled by our Field Applications Scientists who work directly with customers at their laboratories. Our Field Applications Scientists frequently receive questions about the optimal use of our instruments in the course of their day-to-day work with customers.  When more information is needed to help answer these queries, I design and run experiments in the lab to provide a thorough and data-driven response. I’m effectively an internal user of our products, on hand to help customers get the information they are interested in. I’m also involved extensively in R&D (Research & Development) projects, providing the team with an application based, user-orientated perspective. I test the changes made to our products to ensure they perform well and are easy to use.


What customers value most

I have access to the full range of our in-house expertise from design to quality control.  This access enables me to provide customers with all the information they require to fully understand our liquid handling capabilities and inform their pre-sales decisions and post-sales applications. In my role, I collaborate extensively with customers, beta partners, and almost every function at SPT Labtech.  I work closely with the R&D (Research & Development) team, and interact with many people in the company on a daily basis. Thanks to this interaction, I feel I have integrated very well into the business and have a robust understanding of our QC (Quality Control) processes, instrument testing, and who to turn to for questions on any issue my customers may be facing.


Recent success stories

I’m pleased that I’ve been able to provide customers with data to demonstrate the performance of our liquid handling instruments.

I recently enjoyed supporting a partnership between SPT Labtech and ThermoScientific, testing their qPCR DNA quantification kits.  I tested the miniaturization of the regular qPCR protocol using our mosquito instrument.  It is great to be involved in this partnership and demonstrate the level of miniaturization we can achieve.

Best parts of the job

Working with such innovative, robust, liquid handling instruments, that customers really like has been great.  I really enjoy the customer engagement that I’ve experienced in my role and being so involved with R&D (Research & Development) projects.


What differentiates SPT Labtech to customers?

The low volume delivery and liquid handling capabilities of our instruments are fantastic, and open up many possibilities for our customers, through the miniaturization of applications and associated cost reductions.  As well, I've been impressed by the ease of use and robustness of the equipment and software.  Across the board, SPT Labtech is exceptionally well connected with its customers and actively listens to what they want to achieve.