At the heart of synthetic biology

Rapid and secure access to bioparts/bioblocks is the fuel of gene assembly.


Rapid custom arrayed sample retrieval

Having samples arrayed and identified enables more efficient use of downstream automation such as liquid handling systems. arktic® and comPOUND® retrieve a full rack of 96 sample tubes in less than ten minutes in user-defined patterns from secure -80°C, or -20°C storage. Simple Integration with LIMS systems provides robust sample tracking and a full audit trail of experimental procedures.

mosquito: tubes

mosquito tube – direct from storage to liquid handling

In order to drive efficiency and minimize waste in the synthetic biology workflow, we collaborated with a leading supplier of 2D barcoded sample tubes to provide a solution that enables maximum storage capacity and minimal dead volumes. Sample tubes can be picked from storage, de-capped and transferred directly to mosquito® for low volume assembly reactions (typical 0.5 µL final volume or lower), significantly reducing reaction volumes and reagent cost. Processes that are almost impossible manually are handled with ease and assurance.

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