High integrity protein storage

Long term -80°C storage or short term -20°C storage? You choose.

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Protein and antibody storage, less is more!

There is much debate about the stability of proteins at various temperatures and it very much depends on the specific sample type. There is reasonable agreement that -20°C can be suitable for short term storage, while -80°C is more applicable for longer term storage for most sample types. It is widely accepted that freeze thaw cycles are to be avoided, so a common practice is to store multiple aliquots of the same sample and to retrieve, use and discard each aliquot.


Give your samples the storage they deserve

In the arktic® -80°C automated store, sample orders are first picked at -80°C and delivered to a -20°C interface for collection, using a novel pneumatic mechanism avoiding the use of moving parts. Non-required “innocent” samples are maintained constantly at -80°C and avoid unnecessary temperature deviations seen with manual picking or automated systems that have a -20°C picking zone.

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