Single cell genomics

Single cell genomics

Cost-effective plate-based workflows for single cell genomics

Automation and miniaturization are key to make high throughput single cell studies practical and affordable.

Unrivaled performance and versatility for single cell genomics

A unique opportunity to maximize data output, whilst significantly reducing sample and reagent costs within a genomics research laboratory or core facility setting.

reproducible results from miniaturized reactions and assays

pinpoint accuracy at low volumes

increase productivity and throughput

rapid programming and high speed plate setup

generate robust, reliable data

disposable, sterilized tips ensure zero cross-contamination

develop your own protocols with ease

open system that aspirates, dispenses and mixes

reduce reagent consumption and generate more results from your budget

miniaturize costly processes and reduce dead volumes

accurate even with highly viscous liquids

unique positive displacement pipetting technology

Featured applications

At final volumes of 5 μL or less, miniaturized workflows using mosquito liquid handling robots can reduce sample preparation costs by 80% or more, while providing increased throughput, process control and standardization.

Single cell library preparation

Scaling down Nextera XT volumes by 25-fold makes NGS library preparation from a large number of samples feasible. Example applications include single cell RNA-seq and DNA-seq.

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single cell image
single cell image

A versatile liquid handling platform for single cell protocol development

Single cell genomics is an exciting and very dynamic field. New, improved chemistries and protocols are published in rapid succession, while previous methods become outdated. This poses a challenge for any single cell lab, requiring equipment with the flexibility to adapt to rapid change. mosquito® provides this flexibility, being a versatile, freely programmable, open system. mosquito empowers scientists to establish and customize their miniaturized protocols of choice, and achieve breakthroughs in single cell research output.

The technology: positive displacement pipetting

Unlike traditional liquid handlers, mosquito liquid handling robots use positive displacement pipetting technology. This superior pipetting mechanism allows transfers in the 25 nL – 5 µL range with high precision and accuracy. Importantly, it offers the ability to pipette even liquids with high viscosities, such as enzymes in 50% glycerol or genomic DNA, accurately and precisely. Furthermore, the use of disposable mosquito tips ensures gentle sample handling and zero cross-contamination.

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