Nanoscale chemistry

Driving a revolution in medicinal chemistry with high throughput and ultra-low volume reactions.


Accelerating the pace of medicinal chemistry

Pioneering the miniaturisation of catalytic chemical reactions to enable the rapid exploration of a vastly increased chemical space to accelerate drug discovery.

Driving efficiencies within the medicinal chemistry workflow, we offer solutions that deliver data-driven decisions faster.

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image of mosquito crystal pipette tips - 4.5mm

Handle any liquid class with high accuracy and precision

There is no need to optimise the system for liquids of different viscosities or volatilities. True positive displacement pipetting means that any class of liquid can be handled confidently. 

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closeup of tips in plates on a mosquito HTS

Multiple assay formats including 384 and 1,536 well microplates

The ability to confidently pipette into 384 or 1,536 well microplates is critical to achieving higher throughput and lower volume reactions. Proven technology utilising high density microplate formats has been used for many years in HTS and secondary screening applications, benefiting this new application area with tried and tested hardware that is ideally suited to the job.

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