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Medicinal chemistry

Delivering productivity within the medicinal chemistry workflow

The continuous cycle of synthesis and analysis is a well known bottleneck in the drug discovery process. Working with leading pharmaceutical companies, we have developed ground breaking technologies that will revolutionize the creation and analysis of novel chemical entities to accelerate drug discovery.

Accelerating the pace of medicinal chemistry

The re-imagining of tried and tested technologies is revolutionizing the discovery chemistry workflow enabling more efficient discovery and analysis of chemical analogs

walk-up and use

ideal for multi-user environments

discover more chemical analogs faster

high throughput

proven technology

reliable day-to-day operation

solutions to match today's or tomorrow's needs

modular and scalable

reduced sample volumes, space and time

do more with less

innovation that delivers

improved efficiency within medicinal chemistry

Driving efficiency and rapid results in analytical chemistry

Maintaining multiple analytical systems across a site can be extremely challenging, expensive and time consuming. lab2lab enables the reduction in the number analytical systems required and for them to be located in centralized suites, offering significant efficiencies in maintenance and calibration. lab2lab software can also manage error handling from connected analytical devices enabling maintenance staff to respond quickly to problems.

Pioneering the exploration of a greater chemical space

mosquito® LV was central to a ground breaking experiment by Merck scientists who published their findings in Science. Homogeneous, catalytic chemical reactions were performed in 1 µL volumes in a 1,536 well microplate with the aim of trialing many different reaction conditions to find the best yields of desired analogs. With starting material that is limited, this technique allows many more reactions to be performed, greatly increasing the chemical space that can be explored.

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