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Hit-to-lead optimization

Streamlining the hit-to-lead workflow

Hits identified in high throughput screens are evaluated within the hit-to-lead phase of discovery where they undergo limited optimization to identify promising lead compounds. Efficiencies need to encompass cost reduction, elimination of laborious or problematic processes and improving data quality through preservation of sample integrity. Our solutions are designed to streamline this workflow by addressing common sample management, liquid handling and assay screening bottlenecks.

Identify with ease and progress with confidence

Economical workflow solutions that deliver reduced hit-to-lead cycle time and enhanced performance at every step in the process.

walk-up and use technology

simple to operate and maintain

deliver decision making data faster

process efficiency improvements

reliable, robust, reproducible

data you can rely upon

keep up with your changing needs

multi-application flexibility

do more with less

save time, sample and budget

removing limitations to expand possibilities

collaborative technology design

Featured applications

Discover how to streamline the supply of assay plates for hit confirmation, or profiling screens, as well as improving productivity for multiplexed cell- or bead-based applications.

Unify drug discovery with one versatile dispense technology

Low-volume pipetting has become standard practice within screening but issues with the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of bulk dispensing of reagents and samples into high density plates are often observed. Use of consistent dispense technology, combined with reliability of dispensing, significantly aids the smooth transition of assays between assay development and screening. The versatility of dragonfly® discovery provides the ideal platform for hit-to-lead and lead optimization, enabling the same robust and cost efficient dispense technology to be used throughout the drug discovery process.

Hit-to-lead decisions through innovative approaches to assay detection

Today’s hit-to-lead screening involves evaluating those small or large molecules identified in high throughput screens to establish promising lead compounds. Our industry-proven laser scanning fluorescence cytometry is used to provide reliable automation friendly solutions for delivering gold standard data quality and cost savings in phenotypic screens, cell-based binding and multiplexed immunoassays.

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