Liquid handling for multi-application miniaturization

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serial dilution plate

Removing the bottlenecks from your acoustic dispenser

The mosquito® range of liquid handlers complements acoustic screening workflows by rapidly creating acoustic ready plates including; semi-direct or serial dilution plates.

Creation of assay ready plates at higher volumes can be slow with acoustic dispensing. mosquito circumvents this issue with rapid pipetting of high nL volumes. Also, no plate inversion is necessary.

These approaches can dramatically improve workflow efficiency, throughput and reduce dead volumes.

mosquito tips in plate

Rapid plate reformatting and replication

mosquito LV enables easy and accurate reformatting between 96, 384 and 1,536-well microplates, including replicating multiple mother plates directly into low-volume assay ready plates within 1.5 minutes per plate.

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Economical assay ready plate preparation

mosquito’s unique nanolitre pipetting technology enables assay ready plates to be prepared quickly and easily with low sample dead volumes from mother plates of any type, or even 2D barcoded storage tubes.

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dragonfly discovery tips

A robust solution for HTS reagent dispensing

The complexities of assay development, and the challenges associated with validating and transferring assays into HTS are well known bottlenecks in the drug discovery process. dragonfly discovery® smoothes the transition from assay development into HTS by using one reliable liquid handling platform to develop, validate and screen assays in high density (up to 1,536-well) microplate formats.

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Columbian flag tips on mosquito HTS

Array spotting for MALDI-MS

MALDI-MS for screening has been plagued with limitations, including costly sample preparation and consistent deposition onto the target plate. mosquito’s nanolitre liquid handling enables you to perform sample preparation at a fraction of the volume and with greater throughput. A multi-aspirate function, using mosquito’s rigid tips to pierce through foil-sealed source plates, enables sequential aspiration of the sample and volatile matrix stocks. Simultaneous dispensing produces a uniform, homogeneous spot with a high degree of accuracy for high density (up to 6,144) sub-microlitre spotting.

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