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High throughput screening

Driving efficiency in high throughput screening

Small or large molecule high throughput screening (HTS) in drug discovery typically involves a single point biochemical or cell-based assay screen directed against a target or a desired phenotypic outcome. Our range of high performance solutions are designed to streamline the workflow from sample store, to assay plate preparation, to decision making data within a high throughput environment.

Making the essential - exceptional!

Helping scientists to streamline HTS workflows and improve efficiency to discover hit compounds. Providing solutions in sample management, pipetting and multiplexed assay detection that are specifically designed for high throughput automated environments.

designed for automation

simple set up and minimal maintenance

ensure maximum output from your HTS

improve workflow efficiency

ideal for HTS systems

reliable and robust automation

can grow with your throughput needs

fully automated or stand alone

save time, sample and budget

economical solutions for HTS

removing bottlenecks through innovation

collaborating with screening scientists

Make sure you get the most out of your precious samples

Workflow automation is key to overcoming the challenges involved in the screening of large sample libraries. Solutions need to address increasingly complex experiments, ensure sample integrity, accurate data logging and robust hit identification. We provide automated, compact solutions for sample management and liquid handling that are suitable for small and large screening environments.

Removing limitations to expand the possibilities

Screening for both small and large molecule therapeutics requires robust and simple processes suitable for automation. Our industry-proven laser scanning imaging cytometers provide gold standard data quality, workflow efficiencies and cost savings for phenotypic screening and no-wash, multiplexed immunoassays.

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