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Make light work of assay development

Assay development is typically a highly manual process, both in terms of experimental design and set-up. The laborious nature of this process can limit the amount of optimization that is performed and frustratingly, assays often require reoptimising to miniaturize into higher density microplate formats. We have sought to address this bottleneck within drug discovery through novel automation technology capable of creating multifactorial experiments in 96, 384 and 1, 536 well microplates.

Powerful yet intuitive software allows experiments to be designed rapidly and with ease. Unique dispensing technology enables complex combination gradients to be set-up and, with the ability to dispense from 10 independent channels, you can perfect your assays to levels never imagined before. Learn more about the development of dragonfly® discovery through collaboration with scientists at GSK.

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DoE enabling

Complex DoE, or Design of Experiments, is a powerful tool for assay developers. dragonfly discovery enables researchers to fully harness the power of DoE through a combination of high dynamic range non-contact dispensing of multiple liquids along with intuitive, flexible and open format software.

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Time course assays needn’t be time consuming

Find yourself tied to your timer? There’s no doubt that the time-consuming nature of kinetic assays limits productivity. If you dare to do something in between you risk missing a time point. If you don’t, the day can easily pass with little achieved. Our technology enables the full automation of kinetic assays freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

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Pipetting challenges

Until now, no one technology has been capable of accurately pipetting a wide range of liquid viscosities, from solvents to viscous protein stock solutions. There is no longer any need to let your assay development be dictated by the liquids you can dispense. The unique design of dragonfly discovery ensures reliable, robust and reproducible pipetting of a wide range of liquid types including: cells, beads, DMSO, detergents and viscous samples.

Assay development cells

The viable option for cells

When working with cells, any automation solution must be fast, accurate and gentle enough to ensure cell viability is maintained. Cells pipetted by dragonfly discovery not only show equivalent viability to those pipetted by hand, but the system is fast enough to ensure cell numbers remain consistent from the first dispense to the last. dragonfly discovery is the ideal all-round solution for assay development. Any liquid, any volume, any well, any time.

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Effortless serial dilutions

Serially diluting compounds or other reagents for dose response experiments is a common yet time-consuming task for assay developers. mosquito® enables serial dilutions to quickly and easily be prepared, in low volumes and stamped directly into assay ready plates.

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