seamless transition between assay development and HTS by a dragonfly discovery liquid handling robot

Assay development

Revolutionizing assay development in drug discovery

Systematic testing of multiple parameters is required in order to ensure a robust assay is put forward for screening. Optimal conditions must be determined for parameters such as concentrations of assay components, incubation temperatures and times. Our range of automated liquid handling instrumentation enable and simplify the creation of complex multifactorial experiments in a reproducible, reliable and robust manner.

Making the essential - exceptional!

Empower scientists to do more complex experimentation, rapidly and accurately, without barriers to use. Our pipetting and dispensing instruments are ideal for multi-user environments.

just walk-up and use

simple set-up and minimal maintenance

significantly reduce assay development time

complex DoE dispensing

greatly improve assay robustness

accurate dispensing irrespective of liquid class

suitable for low or high throughput assays

compatible with any SBS plate format 96 - 1,536 well

save time, sample and budget

ultra-low dead volumes

develop quality assays in a fraction of the time

independent multi-channel positive displacement technology

Enabling multifactorial design of experiment (DoE)

Developing and validating assays is a lengthly process which is difficult to automate. dragonfly® discovery gives scientists a platform whereby they can easily develop complex assays, validate and screen them in a reliable, robust and cost efficient manner. It enables you to simultaneously optimize up to 10 independent reagents at variable incubation times with no manual intervention.

Removing limitations to accelerate drug discovery

Commonality of dispense technology, combined with reliability of dispensing not only simplifies the process of assay development, but also significantly aids the smooth transition in to HTS. dragonfly discovery enables assays to be developed directly in high density (up to 1,536-well) microplate format using a common liquid handling platform that can also perform assay validation and subsequent HTS. 

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