Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

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Abcam plc

comPOUND is the key reason why Abcam is able to ensure fast delivery to its customers.

Danielle Miller, Former Head of Operations

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At Novartis the main benefits we see are that the chemists have access to a range of different instrumentation from their own medicinal chemistry lab and from the analysts point of view it is a much more efficient and effective way of using instrument time.

Dr Brian Everatt

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Center for Biomolecular Sciences, University of Nottingham

We were looking for an integrated compound storage and handling system that would increase throughput, maintain long-term compound integrity, improve reliability with complete inventory control and unattended operation.

Prof. Peter Fischer, Director of CBS, University of Nottingham

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Center for Chemical Genomics, University of Michigan

The mosquito X1 instrument has proven revolutionary in increasing the throughput of our hit selection service.

Dr. Martha Larsen, Director of HTS

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg, Germany

The acquisition of the mosquito-LCP contributed significantly to the quality of our services. EMBL’s decision to integrate SPT Labtech equipments underlines their outstanding performance - a driving force in the progress of science.

Dr. Stephane Boivin, Staff Scientist

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Dart NeuroScience

We trust the team at SPT Labtech implicitly, they always listen to us.

Jose Quiroz, Manager of Laboratory Systems

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Compounds Australia

…we also chose SPT Labtech because of its professionalism and customer service

Moana Simpson, Compounds Manager

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Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.

mosquito LCP provided a reliable platform for our CRF1 LCP crystallization, deploying reproducible low volume boli at speed, and ultimately yielding a large sample set of CRF1 crystals for subsequent diffraction analysis.

Dr. Andrew S. Doré, Head of Crystallography

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Intellia Therapeutics

One of the most important reasons why we decided to go with the comPOUND was its reliability…

Olga Seltser, Senior Manager, Automation Group, Screening & NGS Platform Development

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Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USA

This semi-automated, robust SMART-seq2 workflow for single-cell RNA-seq has reduced our hands-on time from two weeks to a couple of days, while increasing the accuracy and lowering the cost. SPT Labtech’s mosquito X1 and mosquito HTS have been essential for this new workflow.

Dr. Rahul Sinha, Instructor

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