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dragonfly discovery

Expert Q&A: The new models of dragonfly discovery

mosquito HV genomics

Expert Q&A: The new mosquito HV genomics


Reagent dispensing redefined with dragonfly discovery and Green Button Go Automation

Lab of the future – Are tomorrows dreams already today’s reality?

mosquito HV genomics

A set of miniaturized high-throughput library protocols for RNA sequencing


comPOUND meets acoustiX tube – how proven technology adapts to new tunes!

mosquito HV genomics

Webinar: NGS workflow miniaturization with low volume liquid handlers

dragonfly discovery

Collaborating to simplify sophisticated experimentation: The Antha and dragonfly discovery partnership

dragonfly discovery

Antha and dragonfly discovery Rapid, automated execution of a high-dimensional space-filling DoE for assay development

Bioparts & bioblock storage, Biological fluids storage, Glycerol stock storage, Plasma & serum storage, DNA storage

biobanking reimagined – arktic XC modular storage network

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: combination of scRNA-seq strategies to untangle complex cell populations

dragonfly discovery

Webinar: tabula muris, a single cell atlas of the adult mouse

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