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comPOUND meets acoustiX tube – how proven technology adapts to new tunes!

Lab of the future – Are tomorrows dreams already today’s reality?

mosquito HV genomics

A set of miniaturized high-throughput library protocols for RNA sequencing

DNA storage, Glycerol stock storage, Biological fluids storage, Plasma & serum storage, Bioparts & bioblock storage

biobanking reimagined – arktic XC modular storage network

Sitting drop crystallization

High-throughput, low-volume soaking of protein crystals in the rapid screening of fragment libraries

Crystal screen optimization

Efficient crystallization of a tuberculosis drug target using a dragonfly crystal screen optimizer

Automated assay development, Antibody discovery

cells dispensed by dragonfly discovery show normal proliferation, health and apoptotic responses in a range of cell types

mosquito crystal

Kusakizako, T., et al. (2018). Structural Basis of H+-Dependent Conformational Change in a Bacterial MATE Transporter. Structure

Automated assay development

utilization of a novel independent multi-channel dispenser for rapid assay development of a bead based no-wash sandwich ELISA assay

Automated assay development

a comparison of dispense performance of manual pipetting versus automated pipetting for assay development

Automated assay development, Immunoassay screening, Antibody discovery

flexible liquid handling enables effective assay development for no-wash bead-based and cell-based immunoassays

Compound management, Screening, Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening, Low volume liquid handling

high throughput phenotypic screening workflow for cytotoxicity determination

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