arktic® XC

Automated biobanking reimagined!

Creating a network of compact arktic storage units for high integrity, affordable and truly scalable biostorage, meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.

easy and secure access

vending machine simplicity

affordable scalability

modular capacity expansion

flexible architecture

fit to any space


sample integrity

efficient sample logistics

rapid simple installation

operational in days

novel pneumatic transport

robust optimized workflows

Growing with you

arktic XC scales with your needs. Small modular arktic units can be easily added in available space to increase capacity and avoid unnecessary expense. No need to plan and pay for capacity requirements years in advance just what you need when you need it, keeping cost per sample at a steady and affordable price.

Working in your space

arkitc XC is designed to adapt to your infrastructure. arktic modular storage units are similar in size to a traditional upright freezers and fit easily into available space. Units in different locations can be linked through proven pneumatic technology with direct access through the small benchtop connect ac unit, for highly optimized workflows.

Close up of tube plates in an arktic automated freezer

Nature knows best...

Using a unique honeycomb arrangement for storing tubes without racks, provides the highest density of storage per m2 on the market and avoids rack edge effects during initial freeze. Typically 3 x more space efficient than other stores.
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Featured applications

Delivering highest quality automated biobanking regardless of your library size.

Technical specifications

Input and output format
96 position SBS format racks wirh 2D baroded tubes
140,000 maximum capacity per arktic module; maximum 10 arktic modules per bank
Storage conditions
Dry, hermetically sealed, temperature of -80°C (optional -20°C) for main store, -20°C for input/output zone at store and +4°C for remote connectac units
Approximate dimensions
arktic modules
1400mm wide x 800mm deep x 1980mm high 55in wide x 32 in deep x 78 in high

708mm wide x 764mm deep x 800mm high 28in wide x 30in deep x 31.5in high
User interface
Simple user interface at remote access points and local storage unit
Europe: 230V 50Hz..US: 208V - 240V Two phase @ 60 Hz. Max power consumption during normal use is 1.8 kW, average 1.25 kW (per arktic unit)
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