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New LabCrystal magazine launched

TTP Labtech has today launched the 2011 issue of its LabCrystal magazine, designed specifically for scientists who perform protein crystallography. Delivering in-depth information about the applications of mosquito® Crystal and mosquito® LCP, alongside views from a number of satisfied customers across Europe, the UK and America, LabCrystal is tailored to provide researchers with methodological and technical advice, as well to highlight  recent advances in the field. To receive your free copy of this magazine, simply download it from our resources/brochures page.

This 2011 issue contains informative articles on topics such as the benefits of the automation of crystallization screening, additive screening and microseeding for the optimization of crystal formation, as well as the study of the bicelle method of protein crystallization. The mosquito® Crystal and mosquito® LCP are easy to use, providing precise, repeatable and cost-effective liquid handling for protein crystallization, making them highly favored instruments within the crystallography community.

LabCrystal magazine provides protein crystallographers with interesting views and updates, with an aim to enhance their knowledge and technical ability.