Responding to COVID-19: Working together to advance life science research at SPT Labtech


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During these challenging times, regular communication is more critical than ever.  With that in mind, we want to take the opportunity to update you on how the SPT Labtech team across the world is working amid the COVID-19 pandemic and collaborating with customers to further vital research efforts. Our response to the current situation is aligned with our values to put our customers at the heart of everything we do, make a difference with our products, and work together to accelerate life science research. At this time, our key objectives are to assure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and those we come into contact with, maintain continuity of service and respond proactively to changing needs, while playing our role in global research.


Safety and wellbeing are paramount.

The safety of our team and others that they may come into contact with is of paramount importance.  At the outset of the crisis, we carefully reviewed the impact on staff and identified risks and solutions.  Where feasible for their roles, team members are working from home, while in our production and research facilities, we have put robust measures in place to ensure safety and social distancing. These precautions include establishing shift patterns and investing in deep cleaning processes and personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary for the role. Our field service technicians have been equipped with appropriate PPE and assess each service call on case by case basis to ensure safe working conditions where on site services are required. In line with our broader social responsibilities, we have donated any excess PPE to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. At all times, we are working within the relevant regional travel limitations and observing government guidelines.

Our products in the fight against COVID-19

Whether you are running qPCR based tests or NGS based methods to reveal virus lineage and other key date to inform public health strategies, we have tools that could transform your workflow. Our solutions support all throughput levels including robust miniaturised workflows and reduced tip consumption. 



Responding flexibly to customer needs

Valuing our customers is at the heart of our mission at SPT Labtech, and we fully recognize that our customers’ needs have shifted significantly in the light of the pandemic. Many laboratories are now refocusing their research activities to meet urgent COVID-19 therapeutic and vaccine development needs as well as support testing initiatives. In this context, we know that many customers are repurposing SPT Labtech instruments for use within COVID-19 applications. Our QC team has been working closely with these organizations to help them validate their instruments for new uses as seamlessly as possible by sharing our methods, and helping to implement low volume workflow. Our field service teams have been responding to an increase in requests to install and redeploy liquid handling and storage systems often within short timeframes. We also recognize that customers’ requirements for consumables have shifted. In response, we have increased our production capacity for high-demand lines. Our instruments are needed more than ever by laboratories, and often urgently. By mobilizing the efforts of our global team, we are proud to have produced, shipped, and installed instruments in record time to high-profile institutions enabling their COVID-19 research efforts.

Assuring continuity

With safety precautions in place, we have reengineered our working patterns to ensure continuity and preserve production levels. Further, we have taken the opportunity to review our existing processes and made several improvements to maximize efficiency and utilization. Through close collaboration with our trusted suppliers, we have worked to mitigate any potential risks and ensure full supply chain stability. Our suppliers have also demonstrated great flexibility to meet changes in requirements for particular items, and we are confident that we will continue to be able to meet customer demand. Throughout, our support team has maintained its provision of remote and onsite technical assistance for our instruments to enable business continuity for customers.



Working together to advance life science research

Without exception, the SPT Labtech team has shown great adaptability, resilience, and commitment to continuity for customers. Everyone plays an integral role, from our commercial and application teams demonstrating how our instruments can further research aims, our manufacturing and support groups who press on with production, shipping and installations, and our R&D staff developing the next generation of products.

We take inspiration from the dedication and brilliance of our customers around the world, tirelessly striving to combat COVID-19 and continuing to advance their ongoing life science research projects. While the situation remains uncertain, our resolve to create and deliver products that make a difference to research is stronger than ever. We are hopeful that when we emerge from the immediate crisis, we will do so with greater efficiency, deeper connections, and even more powerful innovation.

COVID-19 insights

Watch our latest video where Kamila – Field Applications Scientist - genomics, takes us through how our dragonfly discovery and mosquito HV genomics liquid handlers are utilized to detect COVID-19 by real-time RT-PCR.



View some recent examples of SPT Labtech instruments are being used in the fight against COVID-19:

dragonfly® discovery in the fight against COVID-19 - focus on minimizing reagent usage and saving pipette tips

Collaboration is vital, and we want to hear from you. Please do continue to keep in touch with us about your activities and share any questions or concerns – our entire team is here to help in any way we can. 

COVID-19 resources and support

Contact us to discover how your instruments can be used for COVID-19 research or if you are looking to purchase an instrument please contact our sales team.