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Get a tailored end-of-year offer on our pioneering laboratory automation technologies with high-value deals across our apricot liquid handling and BioMicroLab sample management ranges.

Now's the time to invest in a 384-channel accessible pipetting solution for the price of a 96-channel equivalent. Extend the functionality of the apricot S3 pipettor with a serial dilution setup and complimentary strip tips at no extra cost. Take advantage of free setup and training for purchases of our non-contact volume verification solutions or get at scanner as part of the time-limited deal when you buy a BioMicroLab XL9 or XL20 tube handler.

Supercharge your workflow by making the most of your lab's budget today!  

384-channel capabilities for the price of 96

Get a 384-channel apricot S3 pipettor for the price a 96-channel instrument to unlock higher throughput for laborious tasks such as plate copying and replication.



384-channel tips

Free scanner with any XL9 or XL20 tube handler

Along with our affordable BioMicroLab XL9 and XL20 tube handlers, we're offering you one of our SampleScan™ solutions - the barcode scanners favored by labs of all shapes and sizes.


Serial dilution head and tips with any apricot S3

Maximize the value of your apricot S3 with a free single-column head on any 96 or 384-channel instrument and complimentary consumables for effortless serial dilution and tip-efficient plate-filling.

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Free setup and training for VolumeCheck purchases

Receive a free setup and training session when you buy a BioMicroLab VC384 or VC100 automated volume verification instrument.  

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