Maximize ROI through miniaturization:
How to get more for your money in NGS library preparation

To meet the data-demand of modern genomics research, many new methods and technologies have centered around driving throughput in the laboratory. The advent of miniaturized automated liquid handling in particular has played a significant role, enabling scientists to process samples at a much higher rate, up to hundreds at a time.

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About this webinar

As a precision science, automation affords conducting experiments on scales that hand pipetting simply cannot achieve. Drastically reducing the required liquid volume for each library preparation saves costs on valuable samples and reagents in addition to increasing throughput.

In this webinar, see for yourself the value of miniaturizing NGS library preparation using mosquito®, our innovative nanoliter pipettor. With over 40 examples of miniaturized protocols, mosquito is proven to help you deliver the high throughput, cost-effective sequencing that modern genomics research requires.

Learn how mosquito can pay for itself in just tens of DNA or RNA sample plates, and open the way for cost-effective NGS with accessible, quality liquid handling automation.

This webinar is perfect for:
  • Researchers working in NGS library preparation
  • Lab managers looking for a cost-effective way to maximize their NGS pipeline throughput
  • Anyone wanted to stay updated on the latest trends in genomics lab automation


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About the speaker

Huw Rees, Field Application Scientist

As a member of the SPT Labtech North American FAS team, Huw is responsible for providing expert training and applications advice to users of our liquid handling solutions across Northeast US and Eastern Canada.

Huw received his doctorate in structural RNA biology and protein engineering from the University of Chicago. Alongside his research, Huw was responsible for mentoring new staff on the use of new instruments, including mosquito, where he gained first-hand experience for its reliability and capabilities.