Streamline your liquid handling with scalable, integrated automation

In this webinar, experts from SPT Labtech and Biosero will share their specialist knowledge, first exploring the business benefits of combining these powerful technologies. We’ll then take a deeper dive into the practical considerations of implementing integration, sharing insights to give you the highest chance of success.

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About the webinar

Laboratories are increasingly transitioning from manual pipetting to automated liquid handling, to drive efficiency and meet the throughput demands of modern research. Automating these repetitive and menial tasks not only boosts productivity by allowing scientists to focus on more critical thinking aspects of work, but also improves data quality by minimizing the risk of human error.
Bringing together individual processes into an orchestrated workflow allows you to take a step further. It not only maximizes walk-away time but also fortifies your laboratory with flexible and scalable integrated workflows, ensuring seamless, end-to-end automation that aligns with the diverse needs of both budding biotech startups and established enterprise-level pharmaceutical organizations.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn how you can reach higher levels of efficiency and accuracy by automating common liquid handling tasks
  • Understand that anyone can automate: You don’t need to commit to large scale workflows to realize the power of automation
  • Better together: Combining and integrating automation solutions together accelerates the benefits.
  • Hear the practical considerations to take when implementing integration to get the most value from your investments

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