Driving High-Throughput NGS Library Prep with Automated Liquid Handling

For researchers focused on synthetic biology discovery, the ability to quickly assess large numbers of new constructs is critical to ensuring rapid progress. Scientists want to spend the limited time they have on the confirmation and analysis of their constructs while minimizing labor and costs associated with manipulating samples on the bench. To harness the power of high-throughput NGS analysis of synthetic constructs, laboratories must find ways to ease the burden of library preparation.

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About this webinar

In this webinar, Paul Lomax, Head of Genomics at SPT Labtech, and Curtis Knox, Director of Product Management at seqWell, discuss the challenges facing researchers in synthetic biology discovery. Each presenter offers a different perspective and focus, based on their company’s area of expertise, and map their journey from initial problem identification through to the collaborative solution now available.

The webinar will feature a brief overview of firefly®, which is a new compact benchtop liquid handling system that combines pipetting, dispensing, shaking and incubation to enable the complete automation of all liquid handling steps of complex workflows like library preparation. In addition, we describe the performance of the ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit on the firefly, demonstrating a pathway to quick, reproducible methods for synthetic construct screening that allows researchers to go from plasmids to sequenced data in only 24 hours.

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