Installation - 2.1 Pre-installation requirements

2.1.1 Space

firefly’s dimensions are W 670mm x D 572mm x H 806mm

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You should allow space close to the instrument for your keyboard and mouse.

firefly weighs approximately 122.5kg so it requires a sturdy lab bench.It needs to be kept stable so do not use a bench with wheels.

2.1.2 Environmental requirements

firefly is designed for use in a standard laboratory environment:  

temperature 15 – 32°C

relative humidity 30 – 80%. Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness within both the firefly instrument and its housing facility promotes the reliability of automated workflows and contributes to improved reproducibility and robustness of the workflow outputs.

The firefly instrument is enclosed in panels and operates with the interlocked door closed during protocol execution, which contributes to maintaining a clean environment for automated workflows.

To further protect the interior of the instrument from contamination and accumulation of dust, you should: 

  • keep firefly's door closed when the instrument is on standby or turned off. 
  • minimize physical contact with the interior of the instrument and use appropriate PPE, such as disposable laboratory gloves and lab coats. 
  • always use clean labware and accessories which are free of dust and residues. 
  • regularly clean the firefly facility, including washing the floors and wiping the benches. 

2.1.3 Power

firefly requires one mains power connection. It is supplied with an appropriate lead for the country of sale.

main switch & plug

2.1.4 Fuses

There are two 5x20mm 10A T (Anti Surge) Ceramic Cartridge Fuses in the IEC inlet.

fuse ratings plate

If at any time you believe a fuse has blown, contact reliance who will investigate what caused the
failure. Do not just change the fuse.

2.1.5 Network access

The firefly tablet requires internet access via wi-fi to access cloud storage (see section 2.3.3) and download labware (see section 8.1) and protocols (see section 8.2).

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