Installation - 2.2 Installing firefly

firefly is shipped in two crates. Do not open them when they are delivered: reliance service engineers will install and set-up firefly.

For the installation, reliance engineers will require:

  • use of a pallet truck or similar, for moving the cases
  • a clear route to the laboratory where firefly is to be installed

2.2.1 User training

reliance will run initial firefly training sessions when they install your instrument.

These will include basic instructions for using the hardware and software to run a protocol,
and other instrument related tasks such as calibration.

SPT Labtech application scientists will contact you after the installation to arrange training
in protocol creation and using firefly for application specific tasks.

2.2.2 User account creation

firefly software is configured with an Admin account (see section 10), user name ‘Admin’, which you use to create your users’ accounts (see section 10.2).

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