Webinar recording:
Liver metabolic function: Dissecting one cell at a time

with the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Takara Bio and SPT Labtech

About this webinar

Single-cell RNA-seq can reveal the role of pathogenic cell populations in development and progression of chronic diseases.

This webinar highlights development of a single-nucleus RNA-seq2 (snRNA-seq2) method, using the Takara Bio SMART-Seq® Single Cell Kit, that allows deep characterization of nuclei isolated from frozen archived tissues, expanding knowledge about cellular heterogeneity.

The speaker will describe using this approach to characterize the transcriptional profile of individual hepatocytes with different levels of ploidy, indicating that gene expression in tetraploid mononucleated hepatocytes is conditioned by their position within the hepatic lobe. This work reveals a remarkable crosstalk between gene dosage and spatial distribution of hepatocytes.

In this webinar scientists from the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus present:

  • Why single-nucleus RNA-seq2 is a robust and reliable method for analysis of the nuclear transcriptome from frozen tissues
  • How to use liquid handling robots, such as SPT Labtech’s mosquito HV, for cost-efficient miniaturization of snRNA-seq2
  • How to use snRNA-seq2 to characterize, in depth, the differential transcriptional profile between diploid (2n) and tetraploid (4n) hepatocytes


Celia Martinez-Jimenez

Dr. Celia Martinez-Jimenez

Assistant Professor

Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

Ioannis Deligiannis

Dr. Ioannis Deligiannis

Principal investigator

Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

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