Fully automated bead-based High Molecular Weight DNA extraction for long-read sequencing

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About this application note

The growing popularity of long read sequencing is driving up demand for High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA. However, the extraction of HMW DNA has proven to be a barrier for routine uses as many conventional methods are expensive, resource- and time-intensive, and do not produce DNA of sufficient quantity and quality.

Here, we describe a novel automated plate-based method of extracting HMW DNA that removes these obstacles. Combining RevoluGen® bead-based Fire Monkey® chemistry with firefly® allows researchers to extract high-quality HMW DNA with minimal hands-on time in under two hours. The single-step method utilizes silica-coated magnetic beads and patent-protected chemistry to capture the long DNA fragments with a significantly reduced number of small fragments, removing the need for laborious and wasteful size selection processes post-extraction. The DNA extracted using this method can be used directly for library preparation and subsequent sequencing. Here we demonstrate this on Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) systems.

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