Routine inspection and cleaning - 4.1 Clearing up leakages and spillages

Wear appropriate PPE when cleaning up any sample spillages or leakages in lab2lab components.

If at any time caps have come off of vials and allowed the contents to spill out, this could cause problems. You must clean up spillages and leakages thoroughly and as soon as is practically possible. Select cleaning materials appropriate for the vial contents spilled. Contact reliance if you need guidance in doing this. 

Spilled liquids could not only obscure optical sensors, as dust does, but could tarnish transparent components as in the Router catcher block. Contamination from chemical spills can be cleaned with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. The main area of concern is the Router catcher block. If you need to clear up a spillage: 

  1. Using Director, take the transport system offline.
  2. Move the Router arm to a position where you can access the catcher.
  3. Undo the fastenings and remove the Router's cover.Router cleaning
  4. Clean the catcher block with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Replace the Router cover.
  6. Restart Lab2Lab's transport system. 

If the catcher block acrylic window has become discolored, reliance will replace it during the annual service visit. 


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