Services - 5.4 Network

Each lab2lab device (except the Buffer) requires a separate network connection within 5 meters of its location.  

A 10/10 or 10/100Base-Tx network connection is required. SPT Labtech will provide network cables between the wall sockets and the lab2lab equipment. 

lab2lab hardware communicates using 10Mbits/s and you must provide a network capable of supporting this (low) speed. 

A virtual sub-net may be created for lab2lab or the devices can be connected to the standard system. 

5.4.1 Network addresses

The lab2lab devices will be configured to use a static IP address. The static IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway are all programmable on each individual device through a web-based interface. 

You must assign IP addresses and provide them to SPT Labtech ahead of lab2lab installation, as devices are set up before leaving the factory. 

5.4.2 Remote access

reliance will require remote access to the system to provide maintenance and support.  

You must provide a safe connection for use by reliance engineers. This can take many forms; however, the preferred systems are: 

  • Simple Help 
  • TeamViewer 

SPT Labtech can assist with setting up a suitable VPN if required. Further information is available upon request from reliance. 


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